Simply have it charged.

The Revolution of Charging.

eTree offers a new and innovative charging solution for electric vehicles. The simple and impressive principle is this: simply have it charged. Our eTree electric vehicles are equipped with an innovative system of energy storage units and quick-charge technology. Using the app, you can request these vehicles at any time to charge your electric vehicle at your preferred time and place. Another highlight – the charger cap on the customer’s vehicle can be opened securely via the eTree app, allowing for charging without the customer needing to be present.

Our mobile eTree charging solution’s “simply have it charged” principle offers you a tailored service. Be it for situation-based needs when on the road, an interest in a reliable and convenient charging option when the vehicle is not in use, or the desire to travel conveniently without having to worry about vehicle range, eTree provides energy – whenever, wherever, however frequently, and in whatever quantity you like.

renewable energy
Order placement
and entire handling via the app
eTree charges
at the chosen location

eTree offers maximum application diversity when it comes to compatibility, too. The eTree charging solution is suitable for all models of electric vehicle irrespective of the make. The owners of electric vehicles can therefore enjoy full mobility and carefree travel whenever they want.

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And Enjoy the Benefits.


Whereas the owners of electric vehicles were, until now, dependent upon the location of charging stations, eTree is now turning this logic on its head. The mobile charging solution caters to you and your mobility behavior – not the other way around. Have your vehicle charged and win quality time – with this promise of convenience, eTree is heralding a new era in electromobility.

Reliable range and time savings

One of the key reasons why people decide not to buy a battery electric vehicle (BEV) is the fear of coming to a standstill due to a lack of charging options or the fear of at best only finding a slow charging option. With eTree, this is all a thing of the past. As the eTree vehicles are equipped with a quick charger, depending on the vehicle model, an electric car can be charged very quickly. In the case of compatible vehicles, 100 km of range can be charged in just eight minutes with the quick-charge function. Charge your vehicle anytime, anywhere, quickly, and based on your needs. You will then reach your chosen destination with unlimited (electro)mobility guaranteed.


Coming to a standstill while on the road with no charging station in sight or getting nervous when looking for a way of charging your vehicle and having to make bothersome stops on your way home – eTree makes such situations a thing of the past. Quickly charge your vehicle with the amount of energy you need before you set off so that you can embark on your return journey with peace of mind or have the last few kilometers of range you need charged up before you arrive – eTree makes things ever so easy and reliable.

eTree advantages
Fast and Flexible.

The eTree Vehicles.

Our eTree vehicles are optimized for mobile use and are just 1.40 meters wide with the wing mirrors folded out. Their small dimensions mean they can easily access the customers’ vehicles even in tight spots in urban settings and can also pull up in narrow streets or on sidewalks for charging purposes.

Systematically Sustainable.

100 % Green Electricity.

eTree is 100% green. The eTree fleet is run exclusively on green electricity – all the eTree vehicles charge electricity from renewable energy sources and therefore supply the eTree customers with nothing but sustainably generated electricity.

Simply have it charged.

eTree for Private Customers

eTree makes the charging process simple and convenient – you choose the time, place, and quantity of the charging process, allowing the charging of electricity to be optimally incorporated into your individual day and mobility plans without any time-consuming search for the nearest charging station. There is no need for the driver to be physically present, thus guaranteeing maximum flexibility.

eTree Ladevorgang Privatkunden
Simply have it charged.

For Business Customers.

In the future, EV drivers will expect their service provider to provide easily accessible charging options right there where they are. With a service of this kind, customer-oriented service providers can set themselves apart from the competition and additionally boost their image – an attractive option for, for example, shopping malls, cultural, sport, and leisure institutions, and company premises, exhibition grounds, and airports. But installing a charging infrastructure to cover only occasionally maximum charging requirements is costly and, with the visitor numbers varying, the infrastructure is often not sufficiently or only minimally used. For example, a soccer stadium is generally only heavily frequented every two weeks. eTree makes it possible to establish a future-oriented and also profitable service either as a stand-alone solution or in combination with existing charging infrastructure depending on the usage scenario. The mobile charging solution is based on the actual or anticipated visitor numbers and is billed precisely according to the needs.

  • Needs-based use of eTree in line with the actual visitor numbers
  • Cost savings in comparison to investing in fixed charging stations
  • Competitive advantages of offering a service to electromobility customers
Simply have it charged.

For Fleet Operators.

Buying multiple electric vehicles is not currently an option for many fleet operators. Large numbers of tightly scheduled customer appointments and varying journey times – this leaves precious little time for that trip to a charging station which is needed. eTree charges vehicles in situ and during brief dwell times, e.g. during customer appointments. Fleet customers like carsharing providers, mobility service providers, and logistics companies can therefore easily transition to sustainable mobility.

  • Time saved thanks to vehicle charging during dwell times and the elimination of waiting times
  • Cost savings thanks to needs-based charging
  • Full fleet vehicle deployability at all times
  • Easy transition to state-subsidized electromobility
eTree Ladevorgang Flottenbetreiber
eTree App
Open to Innovation.

The eTree App.

As a mobile charging solution, eTree offers full flexibility and unlimited electromobility. For extra convenience, you can use the eTree app to order an eTree vehicle which will charge your electric vehicle. Time and place of the charging process are freely selectable. The eTree driver is able to open the charger cap on your vehicle only after this has been approved by you. There is no need for you to be physically present. The entire charging process from the arrival of the eTree driver is documented live via an app video. Therefore you know at all times that everything is being handled properly, you can monitor the kilowatt-hours and, if you wish, you can discontinue the charging process at any time.

eTree App